Farm Safety Nova Scotia is governed by a seven person Board of Directors.? Six of the directors are elected from the membership, while the seventh is an appointed position from the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture Executive Committee.

Trevor Forbes, President

Trevor Forbes farms with his wife and children on his family dairy farm in Old Barns. Trevor is also a volunteer firefighters with the Cobequid District Fire Brigade.? Trevor was involved in the Farm Health and Safety Committee prior to the establishment of the Society.


David Powers, Vice-President

David is the Director of Health, Safety and Environment with Oxford Frozen Foods Ltd. and brings a tremendous amount of practical experience in health and safety to the Board. David is the driving force behind the Progressive Agricultural Safety Days hosted by Oxford Frozen Foods Ltd.His enthusiasm for safety and the agriculture industry is apparent in all his work.


David Newcombe, Treasurer & Corporate Secretary

David Newcombe returned to the family farm after graduating from Saint Mary’s University with a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Finance in May 2014.? He is now home on the farm with his father Craig and uncle Brian where they have a dairy, broiler and layer operation with a feed mill on farm. David is proudly the 10th generation Newcombe to be farming at Cornwallis Farms Ltd. in Port Williams.


Donna Langille, Director

Donna Langille lives in Tatamagouche and operates Bayhead Farm with her children, Jamie and Tyler.? Bayhead Farm is a mixed farm with a small cow-calf operation with Black Angus breeding, along with a small flock of North Country Cheviot sheep.? Prior to 1998, the family had a commercial feeder hog operation for about 20 years.? Since graduating from university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture, Donna worked as the Operations Manager for the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture (NSFA) for 40 years, retiring in 2014.? During her time with the NSFA she had the opportunity to work with various commodity groups, farm-based community groups and was involved with the Farm Health and Safety Committee and then FSNS as well as the Canadian Farmers with Disability Registry. Donna continues to see farm health and safety as an important priority for the Nova Scotia agricultural industry.


Brenna Koneczny, Director

Brenna Koneczny lives in Malagash with her husband Sebastian and operates Vista Bella Farms.? With a passion for working outdoors Brenna and Sebastian began farming speciality vegetables and greenhouse crops.? As time passed, they listened to their climate and soils and took a keen interest in farming fruit trees and caring for honeybees.? Brenna and Sebastian now operator a small commercial farm where they grow pear, cherry, plum and apple trees.? Living in a unique agricultural region, they are able to direct market all of their own product and do so by supplying local grocery stores and by selling at local farmers’ markets.? They now offer over fifty varieties of apples to customers and always have something new for customers to try!? Brenna and Sebastian farm with their three boys, aged 9, 6 and 4. Brenna believes that when it comes to children, farm safety must be made a priority. The importance of educating their children on the safety issues surrounding farm machinery and equipment continues to take priority as they work on the farm.


Lloyd Dyck, Director?

Lloyd Dyck and his wife Barb have owned and operated a tree fruit operation in the Annapolis Valley since 1999. Lloyd is 2nd Vice-President of the NSFA. He is passionate about the Agricultural Industry and strives to encourage young people to see the potential in farming and agriculture. Farm Safety has become a personal issue and Lloyd believes that education coupled with a good formal plan will help to decrease the risk and increase farm safety for the individual operations. When time allows Lloyd enjoys cooking and baking. After retiring from the military with 32 years of service in ’95, Lloyd and Barb also enjoy traveling and visiting other farms and cultures through the International Fruit Tree Association.


Amanda Eisses, Director

(NSFA Executive Representative)

Amanda Eisses was named as the 2018 NSFA Executive Representative on the FSNS Board at the Annual Meeting. The NSFA Executive Representative is appointed annually to the board. Amanda is a cash crop and custom work farmer with her husband, Michael, in Glenholme, outside of Truro. Amanda and Michael have two young children, Ian (age 6) and Allison (age 3) who love the farm. As the children grow, their responsibility will grow and they will learn about farming from the ground up.

Along with looking after the farm accounting, Amanda is also responsible for the agronomy needs of the farm.? Amanda scout’s fields for weeds, insects and diseases and continually tries to improve on current crop growing practices.

Farm safety is something that is very important to their business and with Amanda working so closely with the farming community, she sees the importance of it all over the province.? For the safety of workers, children on the farm and of the employer, it is so important that this program is in place.